Lawson’s Double Sunshine IPA Completes the Holy Trinity of Vermont Beers

No world class beer comes without a storied journey.  Whether it’s a Pliny the Elder being smuggled to the east coast in a suitcase, a trip to the heart of Vermont’s North East Kingdom for a taste of Hill Farmstead Abner, or a well-packaged six-pack of Zombie Dust arriving in the mail, getting your mitts on top-shelf beer is no small feat.

Lawson LabelLawson’s Finest Liquids Double Sunshine IPA is no exception.  I’ve heard stories of people standing in line for hours at a Vermont farmer’s market just to get denied when the beer is sold out.

My Vermont friends have been swearing that when I finally try the Double Sunshine IPA, it will become my new favorite beer.  Bold statement, knowing my deep affinity for Heady Topper.

It’s the nature of human desire to want what we can’t easily have, thus, I began my onslaught of begging my brother to bring a bottle to Maine so I could toss it down my beer hole.  And being the good brother he is, he came through with two bottles.

But before I get to the beer, I’ll give you the story of those two bottles.

Andy’s Lawson’s dealer is the beverage warehouse in Winooski.  (I should add that this is the same beverage warehouse where I used to buy 30 packs of Busch Lite in college.  Thank the good Lord those times are over!)  Like any good world class beer drinker, Andy has a plan.  He knows the exact time Lawson’s are delivered to said beer store.  He calls to verify the goods have been delivered.  Upon receiving confirmation, Andy convinces a co-worker to drive to the beer store with him during their lunch break because each customer can only buy one twenty-two ounce bomber.  They drive.  They buy.  Andy packs the beers along with his family in the car, and four and a half hours later, the beer is in my refrigerator in Maine.

Sometimes I think I like the stories surrounding these beers almost as much as I like the beers themselves.  Almost.

Lawson's BottleAfter ripping through the classy gold foil covering the top of the bottle, I pop the top, and put my nose to the bottle.  Holy shit.  This beer smells fresh and clean with citra hop aroma.  I believe the difference between a world class beer and a really good beer is that every part of the drinking experience in a world class beer comes through cleanly.  The Double Sunshine IPA pours a golden color, releasing more of that beautiful citrusy bouquet.  Given the choice to drink an ok beer or just smell a Double Sunshine IPA, I might be tempted to smell away.

Now to the taste.  Holy shit again.  The grapefruit, mango, and pineapple tropical fruit salad glides over the tongue.  There’s an earthy pine taste at the end of the taste wave that is perfect.  That’s the best word for every moment of this beer: perfect.  The brewers at Lawson’s Finest Liquids have absolute control over this beer from aroma to appearance to taste to finish.

I’m placing Lawson’s Finest Liquids in the holy trinity of Vermont beers: Heady, Hill Farmstead, and Lawson’s.  Get to the 802 area code, do your research so you can find these beers, and indulge in the trinity!


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