Results and Analysis of Round One: Maine Ales

Round One Results Maine Ales

As I watched the results come in yesterday in real time, there were a few races that changed leaders a number of times.  The tightest race by far throughout the day was Shipyard Export vs. Gritty’s Pub Style.  These iconic Maine beers battled it out, but in the end, Pub Style pulled ahead and remained ahead until polls closed.  (Click here to see entire bracket.)

Another tight race was between Baxter’s Pamola Xtra Pale Ale and Peak Pale Ale.  At one point, Peak took the lead, but Baxter’s brew proved much too popular among voters and pulled off the victory.

The last race that caused great excitement here at Maine Madness Beer Tournament Headquarters was between Rising Tide’s Ishmael and Sebago’s Runabout Red Ale.  It was a battle of two great breweries: Rising Tide, the new kid on the scene, against one of Maine’s first craft breweries, Sebago.  At the end of the day, Rising Tide took the victory.

Round Two for Maine Ales already looks exciting.  The Daymark vs. Ace Hole Pale Ale match-up will be one to watch closely.

Speaking of Ace Hole Pale Ale, I took the challenge to try a new Maine beer, and I got my hands on a four pack of this Marshall Wharf brew.  Man is this a tasty ale.  The Sorachi Ace Hops and the Citra Hops come through in this ale in a subtle way.  The bitter aftertaste is magical.  More to come on this brew later.

Thanks for voting.  Thanks for imbibing.


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