Results and Analysis of Round One: Maine Dark Beers and Strong Ales

Round One Dark Beers and Strong AlesRound One action for the Maine Madness Beer Tournament was something to watch.  There were some brews that blew away the competition, while other races stayed neck and neck right to the final vote. (Click to see updated bracket.)

The closest race was between two titans: Maine Beer Company’s Mean Old Tom Stout and Allagash Brewing’s Curieux.  This battle went back and forth, with neither beer ever getting more than three votes ahead of the other.  In the end, Curieux pulled out the victory, showing its dominance in the state of Maine.

Don’t worry Maine Beer Company fans, MBC still has King Titus Porter in the Dark Beers and Strong Ales category.  However, Baxter Brewing’s Phantom Punch Winter Stout gave King Titus a run for its money.  That was a fun one to watch, too.

Another notable battle was between Lake Trout Stout from Sebago Brewing and McGovern’s Oatmeal Stout.  This was a strong match-up of wonderfully balanced stouts.  We thought McGovern’s longtime status in Maine was going to give it the victory, but the Lake Trout Stout pulled out a sizable win.

The final surprise for us at Maine Madness Beer Tournament was the battle between Geary’s London Porter and Cadillac Mountain Stout from Bar Harbor Brewing.  Cadillac Mountain Stout absolutely ran away with this victory.  It seems that Bar Harbor Brewing’s stout has a serious hold on the palates of this state.

Today, look for Round One of the Maine Seasonals.  This might be the most interesting round simply because there are so many different genres of beer in this category.  We have summer beers against fall beers and spring beers against winters.  Anything can happen.

And don’t forget to try a new Maine beer from this category.  Though, I guess you’ll have to look for something that’s in season.



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    1. Frank, you’re the second person to call me out for that typo, which speaks volumes about this new brewery’s robust following. You can expect to see the correct spelling next year, along with more BANDED Horn beers in the tournament. Cheers!

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