Results and Analysis of Round Two: Maine Darks, Strong Ales, and Ales

Round Two Strongs and AlesHot damn!  Things just got real here in Round Two as the big boys squared off in the Darks, Strong Ales, and Ales categories.  As one voter put it, “It is getting harder to choose.”  And it will only prove harder as the rounds progress.  Remember, in less than a week, we will have our champion, but some brilliant beers will have to fall before that happens.

(Click here to see the full bracket.)

In yesterday’s battle Allagash and Rising Tide found themselves in two tight head to head match-ups: Ursa Minor Stout vs. Allagash Black and Ishmael Copper Ale vs. Allagash White.  It’s clear that both these powerhouse breweries have loyal followers.  In both races, their were multiple lead changes.  At one point, both races were locked in ties.  In the end, Rising Tide secured a victory with Ursa Minor, and Allagash White proved its dominance by ousting Ishmael.

The further we move into this tournament, the closer these races are going to get.

Round Two AlesRising Tide also found itself in a hot race with Marshall Wharf Ace Hole Pale Ale.  These are two strong Ales, and for a moment, I thought Marshall Wharf was going to overtake Daymark, but in the end, Daymark pulled it off.

The final race of note from yesterday was Sebago’s Lake Trout Stout vs. Atlantic Brewing’s Coal Porter.  This race never got further apart than a handful of votes.  Coal Porter (can we all agree that’s a cool ass name) secured the victory in the end, but this was another moment of two strong brews showing that either one could have had a good showing in the Sweet Sixteen.

Holy heck.  Today we have some monster beer pairings as we vote on the IPA’s and Seasonals.  After today, we will be left with 16 Maine beers.

At this point, if you haven’t tried one of the 16 brews, you need to get yourself to your nearest beer store and toss said beer straight down your grocery hole.  Got it?  Good.


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