Results and Analysis from Round Two: Maine IPA’s and Seasonals

Round Two IPA'sJust when you think you know who’s is going to win a head to head match-up in this tournament, the votes come in, and you’re assumptions are eschewed.  This was the case for last night’s voting for Maine IPA’s and Seasonals in the Round of 32.  I hope some of you out there have friendly wagers on who will win, because the way the votes look, it could be anybody’s tournament.

(Click here for full bracket.)

Most notably, Bissell Brothers The Substance and Baxter Brewing Stowaway IPA brawled hard in their match-up.  At one point in the afternoon, it looked like Stowaway might just run-away with the victory, but Bissell fans started casting their votes and pushed The Substance on to the Sweet 16.

Round Two SeasonalsIn another battle of delicious IPA’s, Rising Tide Zephyr and Marshall Wharf Cant Dog exchanged significant blows.  This war raged all day with neither beer pulling ahead by more than two votes at a time.  When the dust settled and the voting window closed, Cant Dog pulled off the victory and will now face The Substance in the Sweet 16.

With that stated, more interesting than any other battle last night will be the battles that happen in the Sweet 16 today.  Lunch vs. Calcutta Cutter.  The Substance vs. Cant Dog.  Allagash Curieux vs. King Titus.  Allagash White vs. Peeper.  Holy hops!  I cannot wait to see how the Sweet 16 plays out.

Find a new beer in the Sweet 16, pop the top, and cast your vote.

Viva la Maine Beer!





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