Results and Analysis of Sweet 16

Sweet 16 AlesKarin put yesterday’s Sweet Sixteen Round of the Maine Madness Beer Tournament perfectly when she commented, “Daymark or Zoe?!  You are killing me!”  We feel the same way, Karin.  And so did a lot of voters by the results of yesterday’s voting.

(Click here to view full bracket.)

By far, the most enjoyable voting to monitor in real time yesterday was the Ales section of the bracket.  Daymark and Zoe fought an amazing battle.  We couldn’t even count the number of lead changes through the day as Rising Tide fans and Maine Beer Company fans threw blow after blow.  Finally, Daymark proved to be too big of a competitor for Zoe, and it will move on to the Elite Eight to face another MBC brew, Peeper.

The other Maine Ale battle was between Allagash White and the aforementioned Peeper.  We thought Allagash White might pull out this victory over the younger Peeper.  We have a friend from Nashville who gets a case of Allagash White shipped to his home a few times a year.  Nationally and locally, drinkers go nuts for Allagash White.  But in the voting, Peeper proved to be too formidable of an opponent.

The other close race in yesterday’s Sweet 16 was in the seasonal category between Sebago’s Bonfire Rye and Baxter’s Hayride Autumn Ale.  It was reminiscent of the first round Sebago v. Baxter match-up in the IPA category.  This time, however, Sebago pulled out the victory to move on to the Elite 8.

Elite 8 IPAKarin, if you thought yesterday’s match-ups caused you to pull your hair out in wild indecision, look at today’s Elite 8: Lunch vs. The Substance, Maine Island Trail Ale vs. Sebago Bonfire Rye, Allagash Curieux vs. Ursa Minor Stout, and Daymark vs. Peeper.

That’s three brews for Rising Tide, two for Maine Beer Company, and one each for Bissell Brothers, Sebago, and Allagash.

What a beautiful day for Maine beer.  If you haven’t tried any of these beers, you’re crazy.  Find ME.  Drink ME.  Love ME.


(Click to read results and analysis of Elite Eight.)

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