Results and Analysis of the Final Four

This tournament has been a whirlwind ever since voting started two weeks ago in the Round of 64.  If Warren Buffet offered a billion dollars to anyone who could pick a perfect bracket in the Maine Madness Beer Tournament, I have a feeling that he wouldn’t have to pay up in our tournament either.

Rising Tide Maine Island Trail AleIf you voted in the Final Four round, then you saw the close races between these monster Maine beers.  Maine Beer Company Lunch and Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale were in a tight battle all day until Rising Tide fans united to take down MBC’s delicious IPA.  We got messages from more than one voter stunned by the sizable victory Maine Island Trail Ale had mounted.  But the people have spoken, and Rising Tide’s seasonal Ale is now in the Finals.

The Maine Beer Company Peeper and Allagash Curieux match-up was a clash of two Maine beer titans that never got further away than a handful of votes.  Allagash’s bourbon barrel aged strong ale held a slight lead all day, and though Peeper made a couple good runs at it, the Curieux never relinquished the number one spot.  Curieux has proven over and over during this tournament that it is a force to be reckon with.

Allagash Barrels 2We are ecstatic for today’s championship match between two beautiful brews.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this tournament by voting and drinking Maine beer.  Maine is a great state, and this tournament helps to illustrate that truth.

Good luck voting today!  Remember: To Drink ME Is To Love ME!

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