A Beer With Paul LePage, Mike Michaud, and Eliot Cutler

For all of those who follow my blog, you’ve noticed that I haven’t posted here for quite some time.  I’ve recently begun writing a weekly beer column for Maine Today Magazine, so all of my writing energy has been diverted from the blog to the column.

This blog post relates to my Beer Muse column.  I have this wild idea that I’d like to have a beer with each of the three candidates running for Governor in November.  I’ve contacted their campaign teams, letting them know that the candidate can choose the beer and the location for our bibulous rendezvous.  I plan to run the columns in October right before the election.

Maine State FlagI’ve also promised, and plan to keep the promise, to not make these columns political.  I want to give each candidate the chance to simply be a guy drinking a beer.  I want the column to allow them to be a normal person kicking back a bottle of suds for a short time.

I love this idea, but here’s where I need you.  Yes, you.  If you have any connection with any of the candidates, will you help me make this beer dream come true?  Or, you can help the social media push to get them to agree.  I’m going to use the hashtag #BeerWithDave on Twitter to try to make this happen.

MBC Leaning LunchEliot Cutler might be my hardest get, because I may have, possibly, perhaps, just maybe written a letter asking him to pull out of the race.  But I think he and I can put that behind us like grown men and have a pleasant chat about whatever over a cold beer.

Of course, I’m encouraging them to choose a Maine beer, because I will get a bit judgy if they choose to drink, say, a Coors Light.  Though I’d gladly drink that watered-down swill to get a chance to chat with these powerful Maine men.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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