2016 Maine Madness Beer Tournament Beer List

mainebeermadness_brackets1Here is the official list of the beers for the 3rd Annual Maine Madness tournament. Much discussion goes into crafting this list of Maine beers. We tried to include brews that are brilliantly crafted, available to try during the tournament, and/or popular in Maine and New England. It’s a tough job, and we had to make some difficult choices to leave beers off the list that we love.

You will notice that Rising Tide’s Maine Island Trail Ale is not on this list. After its second victory, MITA has been retired from the competition and now holds the distinction of Maine Madness Champion Emeritus. (All champions will be retired after garnering a second championship.)

We encourage you to give feedback if you feel we have made any egregious oversights in beers that were left off this list. Please make comments below and we’ll try to accommodate your suggestions.

Once the list is set, the match-ups will be chosen at random this Sunday at Rising Tide Brewing Company.


  1. 20 Gauge IPA // Marsh Island Brewing
  2. Allagash Black // Allagash Brewing
  3. Allagash White // Allagash Brewing
  4. Allagash Saison // Allagash Brewing
  5. Baby Genius // Bissell Brothers
  6. Blackfly Stout // Gritty’s Brewing
  7. Blueberry Ale // Sea Dog Brewing
  8. Brett Loves Hops // Austin Street Brewing
  9. Burnside Brown Ale // Foundation Brewing
  10. Cadillac Mountain Stout // Bar Harbor Brewing
  11. Cant Dog // Marshall Wharf Brewing
  12. Calcutta Cutter // Rising Tide Brewing
  13. Coal Porter // Atlantic Brewing
  14. Crystal Persuasion // SoMe Brewing
  15. Curieux // Allagash Brewing
  16. Cypher IPL // Bunker Brewing
  17. Daikaiju IPA // Banded Horn Brewing
  18. Daymark Ale // Rising Tide Brewing
  19. Dexter ‘Rippa’ Red IPA // Boothbay Craft Brewery
  20. Dinner // Maine Beer Company
  21. Epiphany Maine IPA // Foundation Brewing
  22. Export Ale // Shipyard Brewing
  23. Farmhouse Pale Ale // Oxbow Brewing
  24. Fresh Cut // Peak Organic Brewing
  25. Frye’s Leap // Sebago Brewing Company
  26. Grizacca // Oxbow Brewing
  27. G-String Pale Ale // Funky Bow Brewing
  28. Hampshire Special Ale // Geary’s Brewing
  29. Headstash IPA // Liquid Riot Brewing
  30. Jailbreak Chocolate Chili Stout // Bigelow Brewing
  31. Jali Apricot Jalapeno Ale // Hidden Cove Brewing
  32. Jamaican Stout // Sunday River Brewing
  33. Lunch IPA // Maine Beer Company
  34. Machine Gun Czech Pils // Bunker Brewing
  35. Midnight Special Porter // Funky Bow Brewing
  36. Mo Pale Ale // Maine Beer Company
  37. Mockingfish Gose // Rising Tide Brewing
  38. Mott the Lesser Russian Imperial Stout // Tributary Brewing
  39. Norweald Stout // Banded Horn Brewing
  40. Ozone IPA // Orono Brewing
  41. Pale Ale // Geary’s Brewing
  42. Pale Ale // Tributary Brewing
  43. Pamola Xtra Pale Ale // Baxter Brewing Company
  44. Paper Planes // Barreled Souls Brewing
  45. Patina Pale // Austin Street Brewing
  46. Patroon IPA // Hidden Cove Brewing
  47. Peeper Ale // Maine Beer Company
  48. Pemaquid Oyster Stout // Marshall Wharf Brewing
  49. Pepperell Pilsener // Banded Horn Brewing
  50. Phantom Punch Stout // Baxter Brewing Company
  51. Primus Belgian Table Beer // Liquid Riot Brewing
  52. Pumpkinhead // Shipyard Brewing
  53. Quadricentennial Pale Ale // Monhegan Brewing
  54. Simmer Down // Sebago Brewing Company
  55. Smiling Irish Bastard // Geaghan Brothers Brewing
  56. Space Gose // Barreled Souls Brewing
  57. Stowaway IPA // Baxter Brewing Company
  58. Substance // Bissell Brothers
  59. Super Fresh // Peak Organic Brewing
  60. Swish // Bissell Brothers
  61. Tectonic Tomahawk White IPA // Gneiss Brewing Company
  62. Wanderlust // Foundation Brewing
  63. Window Seat Porter // Baxter Brewing Company
  64. Whoopie Pie Porter // Friars’ Brewhouse

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