2017 Maine Madness Beer Tournament Beer List

mainebeermadness_brackets1Here is the list of beers for the 4th Annual Maine Madness Beer Tournament. We put a lot of thought and discussion into the beers included below. This is not a task we take lightly. There are many solid beers that didn’t make it into the tournament, and don’t think it didn’t break our beer-loving hearts to make those tough choices. But there are only 64 slots in the tournament, and with over 80 breweries in Maine, there were bound to be good beers cut. It just shows the embarrassment of riches in Maine’s brewing scene.

epiphanyYou’ll notice that MITA from Rising Tide isn’t on the list, as it was retired from the tournament two years ago. We have a rule that when a beer wins the tournament twice, it becomes Champion Emeritus. That means that if last year’s champion, the luscious Epiphany from Foundation, wins again, it will join MITA with its esteemed title.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS. We are picking the match-ups tomorrow on our Selection Sunday, so if you believe we’ve made an abominable oversight, please leave a comment below. Make a good case for a beer, and there’s a good chance we’ll work it in. Though, remember, if we add a beer, we’ll have to remove another one. It’s a tricky business.

To Drink ME is to Love ME!

  1. 20 Gauge IPA // Marsh Island Brewing
  2. Allagash White // Allagash Brewing
  3. Apostrophe IPA // SoMe Brewing
  4. The Big Aristotle DIPA // Orono Brewing Company
  5. Blackfly Stout // Gritty’s Brewing
  6. Blushing Star Barreled Aged Lager // Liquid Riot Bottling
  7. Brett Loves Hops // Austin Street Brewing
  8. Brightside IPA // Lone Pine Brewing
  9. Cant Dog DIPA // Marshall Wharf Brewing
  10. Coal Porter // Atlantic Brewing
  11. Crossfade Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale // Oxbow Brewing
  12. Curieux Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels // Allagash Brewing
  13. Cutter DIPA // Rising Tide Brewing
  14. Daikaiju DIPA // Banded Horn Brewing
  15. Daymark Ale // Rising Tide Brewing
  16. Dexter ‘Rippa’ Red IPA // Boothbay Craft Brewery
  17. Dinner DIPA // Maine Beer Company
  18. Dirigo Lager // Dirigo Brewing
  19. Epiphany Maine IPA // Foundation Brewing (2016 Champion)
  20. Farmhouse Pale Ale // Oxbow Brewing
  21. Frye’s Leap IPA // Sebago Brewing Company
  22. G-String Pale Ale // Funky Bow Brewing
  23. Gneiss Weiss // Gneiss Brewing
  24. Goldilox DIPA // SoMe Brewing
  25. Gunner’s Daughter Peanut Butter Stout // Mast Landing
  26. Hampshire Special Ale // Geary’s Brewing
  27. Headstash IPA // Liquid Riot Brewing
  28. Hoppy Table Beer // Allagash Brewing
  29. Jamaican Stout // Sunday River Brewing
  30. The Juice IPA // Peak Organic Beer
  31. Lemonless Lemonade IPA // Foulmouthed Brewing
  32. Lunch IPA // Maine Beer Company
  33. Lygonia IPA // Fore River Brewing
  34. Machine Czech Pils // Bunker Brewing
  35. Neverender DIPA // Austin Street Brewing
  36. Mott the Lesser Russian Imperial Stout // Tributary Brewing
  37. Mr. Grumpypants Oatmeal Stout // Norway Brewing
  38. Ozone IPA // Orono Brewing
  39. Pale Ale // Tributary Brewing
  40. Paper Planes // Barreled Souls Brewing
  41. Patina Pale // Austin Street Brewing
  42. Peeper Ale // Maine Beer Company
  43. Pemaquid Oyster Stout // Marshall Wharf Brewing
  44. Pepperell Pilsener // Banded Horn Brewing
  45. Pisces Gose // Rising Tide Brewing
  46. Portland Pale Ale // Lone Pine Brewing
  47. Pulp Truck IPA // Marsh Island Brewing
  48. Pumpkinhead // Shipyard Brewing
  49. Quadricentennial Pale Ale // Monhegan Brewing
  50. Riverton Flyer Pilsner // Foundation Brewing
  51. Saccarappa IPA // Mast Landing Brewing
  52. Salad Daze IPL // Bunker Brewing
  53. Simmer Down Session Ale // Sebago Brewing Company
  54. Smiling Irish Bastard Ale // Geaghan Brothers Brewing
  55. Space Gose // Barreled Souls Brewing
  56. Stowaway IPA // Baxter Brewing Company
  57. Substance IPA // Bissell Brothers
  58. Super Fresh DIPL // Peak Organic Beer
  59. Swish DIPA // Bissell Brothers
  60. Tropical Storm Sour Wheat Beer // Liquid Riot Brewing
  61. Tumbledown Red // Tumbledown Brewing
  62. West Coast Pilz // Mason’s Brewing
  63. Whistle Punk DIPA // Sebago Brewing
  64. Whoopie Pie Porter // Friars’ Brewhouse

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  1. Liquid Riot Tropical Storm. Represents a style not seen often in Maine, if ever (a fruited kettle sour) and was incredibly well received when released, both at beer festivals and in canned and kegged form. Also, it was our fourth anniversary beer 🙂

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